Construction of mobile workshops and special containers

AWB offers its customers various special containers that are individually-customized to satisfy the respective requirements. Thanks to the large number of containers already manufactured, AWB has acquired extensive and widely-based know-how over time.

The following special containers are manufactured by AWB:

  •  Mobile workshop containers
  • Tool set container with all tools for large construction sites
  • Special containers with mobile production and test stands
  • Special container for spare parts storage incl. equipping and refilling
  • Special containers for refrigerated and hazardous materials
  • Special containers for special transports
  • Special container with electrical engineering and control cabinets
  • Special containers for use at sea
  • Container dimensions

In addition to the pure container delivery, AWB also does inventories and container overhauls. All special containers are delivered straight to the customer’s construction site. When it comes to the special containers, we offer both purchase and rental options. For more information, please take a look at our Mobile Workshop Solutions brochure.

Mobile Workshop Containers

All mobile workshop containers are individually equipped with drilling and turning equipment or workbenches that have been especially customized to our customers’ needs. What is more, the AWB mobile workshop containers come with their own energy supply.

Tool Kit Containers

AWB’s tool set containers are equipped with all necessary tools, individually adapted to our customers’ needs. AWB manufactures all special tools. What is more, AWB buys all other tools, in addition to checking and documenting them.

Container with Mobile Production & Test Benches

The mobile production & test benches can be used on large construction sites and for the commissioning and maintenance of special machines. Apart from that, they can also be used to set up temporary production facilities.