Produkte für Energietechnik, Gas- und Damturbinen und Kraftwerksbau

Energy Engineering / Power Plant Construction

AWB delivers a wide range of components used with turbines and power plant technology.

Some examples:

Components for the hot gas sector

E.g. Hastelloy seals, Inconel spacers, burners, jets, components for combustion guns, burner lance, parts of cooling systems. Basic Prinzip is, that we produce for our costumers each spareparts.AWB can manufacture every kind of component for the hot gas sector of gas turbines.

Components for the cold gas sector

E.g. bolts, nuts, flanges, mountings, special screws, etc.

Components for the turbine periphery

E.g. anchor bolts, welded constructions, air intake and air washing systems

Tools for turbine installation and maintenance

E.g. AWB manufactures all special tools for the installation and maintenance of turbines of major OEMs and provides complete tool sets, ready for use at construction sites, thanks to the acquisition of all other tools.

AWB Offshore Produkte

Maritime Cables and Off-Shore

AWB supplies components and assemblies of every type and size for off-shore platforms, conveying systems and wind farms.

In the field of deep-sea cable products, AWB supplies complete, ready-for-installation assembly and repair kits for energy and telecommunication cables. Thereby, apart from the in-house manufacture of sleeves and constructions, AWB also ensures the rubber lining and mounting of bend protectors, etc.. AWB supplies and delivers the completed mounting kits directly on the pipe-laying barges.

Examples of components that are manufactured for deep-sea energy cables and deep-sea telecommunication cables by AWB:

deep-sea energy cables
connecting sleeves
branch tees (among others)
repair equipment for deep-sea cables


In the field of aviation and aerospace, AWB is able to make particular use of its strengths in high-precision manufacturing and quality assurance. AWB manufactures components for various applications according to the needs of its customers.
For example, AWB supplies components for the aerospace sector:
Components and housings for analysis of research processes
Components for experimental equipment
Custom-made products / prototyping for aerospace components and devices
According to the requirements of our customers, components can also be manufactured in a very short time with a quantity of one.

Produkte für den Prototypenbau und die Fahrzeugtechnik

Automotive Engineering

In the field of automotive engineering products, AWB cooperates closely with the R&D divisions in the automotive industry. Here, AWB regularly implements prototypes or actively cooperates in R&D projects. The technically highly-qualified AWB employees support the R&D divisions with the planning and optimisation of production processes.