Präzisionsfertigung bei der AWB

Precision Manufacturing

AWB manufactures components with a precision degree of up to +/- 2 µm. To attain this high degree of precision, AWB relies on a quality assurance process that is applied along the complete production chain. Not only does AWB control the quality at the end of production, it also consistently produces it.

Our customers benefit from our employees’ high professional qualification standard and the rigorous AWB process control throughout the entire precision manufacturing procedure. Thereby, the complete precision manufacturing process is monitored with an integrated EDP system. Should it be necessary, AWB also ensures traceability of the products’ individual components.

Examples of components where AWB precision manufacturing is particularly important are, e.g.:

hot gas parts for gas turbines (burners, jets, etc.)
components shrunk in turbines (cooling tubes, jets, flanges)
assembly groups for medical technology
parts and assembly groups for deep-sea cables

Präzisionsfertigung bei der AWB

Procurement and Processing of Special Materials

When it comes to the procurement and processing of special materials such as, e.g. HIP Stellite®, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanate, AWB can draw on a wealth of experience gained in the course of more than 20 years.

With the procurement of special materials, there is a great variety of materials to select from. AWB sources these both domestically and abroad from dealers and directly from producers. We managing all logistic-processes for our costumers.

Examples of the materials procured by AWB are:

heat-resistant steels, e.g. Inconel, Hastelloy, Waspaloy
sea-water resistant copper/brass alloys
acid-proof stainless steels for food and medical technology
other stainless steels of all levels of quality
HIP Stellite®

AWB processes the different special materials, which frequently have a high toughness and hardness, to every kind of component. For this, it has a state-of-the-art machine park at its disposal. We would be happy to provide it and you order the special overview, see the contact page.

HIP Stellite®

Thanks to its hot isostatic pressing, HIP Stellite® demonstrates excellent mechanical properties and outstanding wear behaviour. Components that are manufactured from HIP Stellite® are characterised, in particular, by their isotopic properties. This material is also processed by AWB.

Mobiler Werkstattcontainer von AWB

Production of Welded Constructions and Large Machining Parts

AWB manufactures welded constructions and large machining parts with a weight of up to 25 tons. When working with stainless steel and black materials, AWB utilises its expertise to manufacture high-quality welded constructions and large machining parts for you. AWB has these labour-intensive processes executed by its subsidiary MTC in the Czech Republic; in so doing, AWB’s customers benefit from reduced manufacturing costs in Eastern Europe.

For instance, AWB manufactures parts in the field of welded constructions and large components:
air intake systems for gas turbines
bearing blocks for turbine rotors
lifting devices for whole turbines or turbine parts
engine frames
frameworks and every type of construction

Einzelteil- und Kleinserienfertigung bei der AWB

Prototypes, Single Piece & Small-Series Production

AWB has many years of experience in pilot and prototype production and the cooperation with R&D divisions. On the foundation of our customers’ ideas and drawings, the technically highly-qualified AWB staff members consult our customers regarding the production-technical realisation of pilot series and prototypes, for instance with adjustments to ensure optimal and cost-efficient production.

Examples of pilot series and prototypes that are manufactured by AWB:

numerous jets and combustion parts
a variety of different springs and dampers
a great variety of air intake systems for turbines
constructions for deep-sea cables

Apart from pilot series and prototype manufacturing, AWB also offers single item and small-series manufacturing ranging from 1 to 5,000 parts. The single item and small-series manufacturing is particularly suited for complex parts as well as products made of special materials. Also with single item and small-series manufacturing, AWB guarantees high quality standards.

Thanks to the comprehensive wealth of experience in single item and small-series manufacturing, AWB can also process customer orders at short notice. In this regard, a special advantage of AWB is that all drawings and 3D models can rapidly be implemented in machine programmes.

Construction of Mobile Workshops and Special Containers

AWB offers its customers a variety of special containers that have been individually adapted to the respective requirements. Thanks to the large number of already manufactured containers, AWB has acquired a great deal of know-how.

The following special containers are manufactured by AWB:

mobile workshop containers
toolkit containers with all tools for large construction sites
special containers with mobile production and test stands
special containers for the storage of spare parts, incl. equipping and replenishing
special containers for coolants and hazardous substances
special containers for special transports
special containers with electrical engineering and electric cabinets
special containers for operation at sea
container dimensions

Apart from the pure delivery of containers, AWB also performs inventories and overhauls containers. All special containers are delivered directly to the customers’ construction sites. With the special containers, both the option of purchasing and renting exists. More information in this regard can be found in our Mobile Workshop Solutions brochure.

Mobile workshop containers

All mobile workshop containers are customised for our customers and equipped with drill and barring gear or workbenches, in accordance with our customers’ needs. What is more, AWB’s mobile workshop containers have their own power supply.

Toolkit containers

AWB’s toolkit containers are equipped with all necessary tools and individually aligned to the needs of our customers. All special tools are manufactured by AWB. Moreover, AWB purchases all additional tools, and also inspects and documents these.

Containers with mobile production & test benches

Among other things, the mobile production & test benches can be deployed at large construction sites and with the commissioning and maintenance of special-purpose machines. What is more, by means of this, temporary production sites can be erected.

Beschaffung von Bauteilen bei AWB

Trade and Procurement of all Components

AWB supports its customers with the trade and procurement of all components. With a major project that requires the procurement of a great number of single items, AWB can assume responsibility for the trade and procurement of all components. This is because research, procurement and, in particular, quality assurance are not only tedious and time-consuming but, in part, these aspects are virtually impossible to realise without specially trained staff.

Apart from the pure trade and procurement, AWB also carries out quality assurance and delivers all single items in a documented, complete package.

For customers who are situated abroad and do not wish to take the trouble of having to interact with a large number of European suppliers, the trade and procurement is of particular interest. AWB assumes responsibility for all trade and procurement and assures the quality of the components. Thereby, the customers of AWB can focus on their actual core business.

Der Traum vom Fliegen

The Dream of Flying …

You enter a plane and feel safe. This is because all companies that are involved in the construction and maintenance of your plane have been diligently selected to provide highest quality and satisfy the most stringent requirements. We are such a certified company: AWB Aviation GmbH!

Stolz auf unsere Mitarbeiter

Well Thought – Well-Wrought!

Whether we deliver a completely-equipped service container or special tools required for the maintenance of a gas turbine – we are proud of our employees. They always do their very best, from the planning to implementation and as such simplify the work of many.

Liebe zum Detail - Höchste Präzision

Secure Energy Supply – Around the Clock…

A gas turbine – 50 metres long, with a weight of 50 tons, and consisting of more than 30,000 parts; 2,500 degrees Celsius, a performance of 50,000 horsepower … for more than 20 years, we have been producing components that withstand unimaginable forces under highest temperatures. With great attention to detail, maximum precision and unparalleled quality!

Innovationen bei der AWB

Innovations Let us Shine!

In the past 20 years, our company has displayed sound and consistent growth. In this regard, our core focus has always been at the centre of attention. We are always searching – successfully – for solutions to satisfy the requirements and challenges of our customers. We are expanding our machinery, adapting our controlling and testing system, and are always thinking one step ahead. By means of this, we create a long-standing and valuable relationship with our customers, and this offers invaluable benefits for both sides.

Verlässlichkeit der AWB

Reliability and Tradition

Traditional values such as, e.g. our much-lauded reliability and the tremendous capital of our employees’ extensive experience, play a major role in our company. Even though every one of our products passes through sophisticated testing processes, the motivation of our employees is to manufacture the best possible products, which is the most important factor in all processes. An above average education, the long period of employment at our company and a well-functioning structure allows us to satisfy all quality criteria needed for manufacturing safety-relevant precision components at all times.

Schnelle und zuverlässige Lieferung durch die AWB

Reaching You Faster!

With the procurement of spare parts, the delivery time is a decisive criterion. We have created a system of processes that allows us to react very flexibly to your requirements in our production facilities.

To guarantee speedy and reliable delivery, also in the economic zone of the USA, we established a logistics centre there in 2011. Here, we stock a large number of spare parts and, thanks to our time advantage, also offer a benefit without bureaucratic obstacles.