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Iron aluminides as a new material in aircraft construction

Cost-efficiency in the processing of aircraft components using iron aluminides Research project of the AWB Group on the use of new alloys using iron aluminides in the aviation environment and in the construction of high-performance turbines Read more Will nickel-based...

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GE GT26 and GT24 gas turbine – a success story

GE GT26 and GT24 gas turbine – a success story AWB has been strongly rooted in the power plant industry since its establishment in 1995. In particular, gas and steam turbines with their complex components, mostly made of nickel-based materials and stainless...

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30.03.2023: KMU lernen von KMU

30.03.2023: KMU lernen von KMU

Optimiertes Werkzeugmanagement und Predictive Maintenance in der mittelständischen Zerspanungstechnik

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