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Whether aerospace industry, plant and tool construction, special containers and turbines - we have exciting detailed knowledge for you! In our articles, you will find comprehensive information on interesting facts, research projects etc. Click in and learn more – and enjoy reading!

The new DMU 90 C machining centre at AWB

The “NEWCOMER” in machining: the new DMU 90 C machining centre at AWB In the world of modern manufacturing technology, there is a new star on our horizon – the DMU 90 C machining centre, which has recently arrived at AWB. With this recently acquired...

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Durability & sustainability of AWB workshop containers

The durability of AWB workshop containers – back for repairs after 18 years of daily use There is one constant in the world of construction sites and mobile workshops: quality is characterised by durability. This is especially true for the products made by AWB,...

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Joint project EnterPrise | Event at AWB

Efficient tool management in machining of high-temperature alloys A joint R&D project on tool management and manufacturing processes in mechanical engineering. More and more companies are using modern technology to improve their work. “Mittelstand-Digital...

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AWB & Volocopter – the future of Urban Air Mobility

AWB & Volocopter – the future of Urban Air Mobility Two pioneers are cooperating: One comes from urban aviation and the other from the field of manufacturing mobile service and workshop containers (MRO containers). Find out how this came about and what...

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Iron aluminides as a new material in aircraft construction

Cost-efficiency in the processing of aircraft components using iron aluminides Research project of the AWB Group on the use of new alloys using iron aluminides in the aviation environment and in the construction of high-performance turbines Read more Will nickel-based...

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GE GT26 and GT24 gas turbine – a success story

GE GT26 and GT24 gas turbine – a success story AWB has been strongly rooted in the power plant industry since its establishment in 1995. In particular, gas and steam turbines with their complex components, mostly made of nickel-based materials and stainless...

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