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2.4663 – NiCr23Co12Mo – INCONEL®  617 – Nicrofer® 5520 Co

The 2.4663 / Alloy 617 material is a nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy. Alloy 617 offers an excellent combination of good high-temperature strength and good oxidation resistance. 2.4663 is also resistant to the majority of reducing and oxidizing acids. Typical application fields are found in nuclear engineering, the chemical industry and power engineering.

Some options for processing:

  • Turning
  • 5-axis milling
  • Eroding
  • Marking
  • etc.

This material is sold under the following brand names:

  • INCONEL®  617
  • Nicrofer® 5520 Co
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30.03.2023: KMU lernen von KMU

30.03.2023: KMU lernen von KMU

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