AWB – We manufacture safety-relevant components from hard-to-machine materials in certified quality

AWB Anlagen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG GmbH & Co. KG has already been producing components and tools made from hardest and heat-resistant materials as well as special tools and customized workshop and tool containers for 25 years.
We have enjoyed an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of safety-relevant precision components and tools made of hard-to-machine materials, which include Inconel, Hastelloy®, Stellite®, Nimonic®, titanium alloys, etc. for 25 years now. Among other things, these components ensure smooth combustion in gas turbines.

Our portfolio is supplemented by special tools, which are required for assembling and revising turbines, as well as the manufacturing of individually-produced workshop and tool containers.
Over time, we have expanded our range of services to include large welded constructions. We have been manufacturing these in the Czech Republic under German quality control since 1997.
With the founding of AWB Aviation GmbH, we also became a certified supplier for the aerospace industry in 2015.

Die AWB Gruppe stellt hochhtzefeste Gasturbinenteile für die Energiebranche her
Das MTC Metal Technology Centre produziert sehr große und komplexe Schweißkonstruktionen
Die AWB Aviation GmbH produziert für die Luft- und Raumfahrt Spezialteile - auch in Einzelanfertigung und natürlich mit entsprechender qualifizierter Qualität
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AWB Anlagen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG has been manufacturing components and tools made from hardest and heat-resistant materials as well as special tools and customized workshop and tool containers already for 25 years.

Under German management, MTC Czech k.s. manufactures very large and complex welded constructions.

Logo AWB Aviation

With AWB Aviation GmbH, we satisfy all criteria as a supplier for the aerospace industry.

Bis zu +/- 2 µm präzise spanen wir auf den hochhitzefestesten Materialien Ihre Komponenten

Precision manufacturing

AWB offers precision manufacturing of components with a level of accuracy of up to +/- 2 µm. To realize this high accuracy, AWB relies on a quality assurance process that has been established along the entire production chain. Not only does AWB control quality at the end of the manufacturing process, but consistently throughout the complete manufacturing process.

Our customers benefit from AWB employees’ high technical qualification standards as well as from AWB’s stringent process control during the complete process of precision manufacturing. We monitor the entire precision manufacturing process with an integrated EDP system. If required, AWB also ensures the traceability of individual product components. Examples of components for which AWB’s precision manufacturing are particularly important are:

  • Hot gas parts for gas turbines (burners, nozzles, etc.)
  • Components shrunk in turbines (cooling pipes, nozzles, flanges)
  • Parts and assemblies for submarine cables
  • Prototypes and assemblies for E-Fly
  • Special parts for the hydrogen industry

Sourcing and processing of special materials

In the field of sourcing and the processing of special materials such as, e.g. HIP Stellite®, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanate, AWB can look back and rely on a wealth of experience spanning 25 years.

When sourcing special materials, there is a wide range of available materials for you to select from. AWB sources these materials both domestically and abroad as well as via dealers and directly from the producer, after which it can store them for customers in accordance with their specific needs.

Examples of materials sourced by AWB are:

  • Hot heat-resistant steels, e.g. Inconel, Hastelloy, Waspaloy
  • Saltwater resistant copper/brass alloys
  • Acid-resistant stainless steels for petrochemical and food processing technology
  • Other stainless steels of every grade
  • Titanium
  • HIP Stellite®

Thanks to its cutting-edge machinery, AWB processes even the most diverse special materials, also often those with high toughness and hardness, into every kind of component. We are happy to provide you with an overview upon request.

HIP Stellite®

Thanks to hot isostatic pressing, HIP Stellite® has excellent mechanical properties. In addition, it displays outstanding wear behavior. Components manufactured from HIP Stellite® are distinguished, in particular, by their isotopic properties. AWB also processes this material.

Beschaffung und Verarbeitung von Sonderwerkstoffen

Prototypes, Single Part & Small Series Production

AWB has gained many years of experience in manufacturing pilot series and prototypes as well as in cooperating with R&D departments. Based on the customers’ ideas and drawings, AWB’s highly-qualified technical staff advises our customers on the production-related implementation of pilot series and prototypes, for example in adapting them to ensure optimum, cost-efficient production.

Examples of pilot series and prototypes manufactured by AWB:

  • Numerous nozzles and burner parts
    Various springs and dampers
    Several air inlet systems for turbines
    Structures for submarine cables

Apart from pilot series and prototype production, AWB additionally offers single part and small series production ranging from 1 to 5,000 parts. Single-part and small series production is particularly suitable for complex parts and products made of special materials. What is more, AWB also guarantees high quality standards for single part and small series production. Single-part and small-batch production is particularly suitable for complex parts and products made of special materials. Here, AWB guarantees high quality standards for single part and small series production.

Thanks to its wealth of experience in single-part and small-batch production, AWB can also process short-term orders received from customers. A special benefit offered by AWB is that all drawings and 3D models can rapidly be converted into machine programs.

Trade and sourcing of all types of components

AWB supports its customers in both the trade and sourcing of every type of components. In the case of a large-scale project that requires the sourcing of a large number of individual parts, AWB takes over all costs for trading and sourcing all components. We do this because we know that the research, sourcing and, especially, quality assurance are not only quite tedious and time-consuming but can hardly be implemented without the support of specially-trained staff.

Apart from pure trading and sourcing, AWB also performs the required quality assurance and supplies all individual parts in a completely documented package.

Trade and sourcing are particularly interesting for customers located abroad, who do not want to get involved in the long-winded interaction with a large number of European suppliers. AWB handles all trade- and sourcing-related matters, in addition to ensuring the components’ quality so that AWB’s customers can focus their attention on their core business.

Handel und Beschaffung jeglicher Bauteile
Fertigung von Schweißkonstruktionen und Großbauteilen

Production of welded constructions and large components

AWB manufactures welded constructions and large components with a weight of up to 25 tons. With its in-depth knowledge in working with stainless steel and black material it manufactures high-quality welded constructions and large components for you. AWB’s carries out these labor-intensive processes at its MTC subsidiary in the Czech Republic. This allows AWB’s customers to benefit from the lower production costs in Eastern Europe.

When it comes to welded constructions and large components, AWB manufactures, among other things:

  • Air inlet systems for gas turbines
  • Bearing blocks for turbine rotors
  • Lifting devices for entire turbines or turbine parts
  • Motor frames
  • Scaffolding and every kind of construction
MRO Container geschlossen - AWB Lampertheim
Werksattcontainer doppelte Sicherheitstür - AWB Lampertheim
Werksattcontainerbau professionell - AWB Lampertheim
Werksattcontainerausbau professionell - AWB Lampertheim

Construction of mobile workshops and special containers

AWB offers its customers various special containers that have been individually adapted to the respective requirements. Thanks to the large number of containers it has already manufactured, AWB has acquired broadly-based and in-depth know-how over the years.

The following special containers are manufactured by AWB:

  • Mobile workshop containers
  • Tool set container with all tools for large construction sites
  • Special containers with mobile production and test stands
  • Special container for spare parts storage, incl. equipping and refilling
  • Special containers for refrigerated and hazardous materials
  • Special containers for special transports
  • Special container with electrical engineering and control cabinets
  • Special containers for use at sea
  • Air Flite and AirTaxi stations
  • Mobile safety containers for drone control and defense
  • Mobile security gate for flows of people
  • Container dimensions

In addition to pure container deliveries, AWB also does inventories and container overhauls. All special containers are delivered straight to the customer’s construction site. When it comes to the special containers, we offer both purchase and rental options. For more information, please take a look at our Mobile Workshop Solutions brochure.

Mobile Workshop Containers

All mobile workshop containers are individually equipped with drilling and turning equipment or workbenches, depending on our customers’ needs. Still to be added is that the AWB mobile workshop containers come with their own energy supply.

Tool Kit Containers

AWB’s tool set containers are individually equipped with all required tools, in accordance with our customers’ needs. AWB manufactures all special tools. Furthermore, AWB buys all other tools, in addition to inspecting and documenting them.

Containers with Mobile Production & Test Benches

The mobile production & test benches can be used both on large construction sites, as well as for the commissioning and maintenance of special machines. They can also be used to set up temporary production facilities.

What we (can)do:

We machine very hard-to-machine materials with the highest precision and quality. Whether they are required for the energy-producing industry, vehicle and aircraft construction … we deliver everything from single pieces right up to full series.


Machinable materials (excerpt):

We as an Employer

As a medium-sized company with healthy growth ambitions, we constantly ask ourselves how we can further improve our quality as an employer. It goes without saying that we ask our employees what they enjoy about their work and our company, and where they see room for improvement.

Flat hierarchies, the ability to listen to one another and the courage to change things are greatly valued. Innovative thinking and a future-oriented alignment are also important factors. The former opens up and develops new markets, which in turn secures jobs for many years to come. The state-of-the-art machinery, the clean environment, as well as the possibility for personal development and the room to think for yourself and act creatively are additional criteria that motivate our employees.

If you would like to become a part of our team, we might just have the perfect job for you.

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25 years ago AWB started as Anlagen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH in the market field of machining. Already in the recent past it has been expanding. We have been able to convince our worldwide customers constantly through partnership cooperation and our fast delivery reliability. Further unique market segments, such as our mobile tool and workshop containers, were added. The last 25 years mean for us to reflect the past with pride and to act faster for the coming time.
2019 was a successful year for the AWB Group. We were awarded a contract for 3 new research projects.
Here, among other things, we are researching workpiece monitoring with regard to just-in-time quality control during the milling process:

Intelligent networking for autonomous milling of structural components (TensorMill)

By placing a stronger focus on research and development, we are expanding our scope of competencies, and this is a real benefit for our customers …


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