GE GT26 and GT24 gas turbine – a success story

GE GT26 and GT24 gas turbine – a success story

AWB has been strongly rooted in the power plant industry since its establishment in 1995. In particular, gas and steam turbines with their complex components, mostly made of nickel-based materials and stainless steels, have been our focus from the very beginning.

Spare parts, tools and accessories for GT26 / GT24 gas turbines

We are proud to have been able to supply key spare parts and tools as well as consumables for the operation and maintenance of GT24 / GT26 to our customers GE (General Electric) and Ansaldo since the start of production of GE GT26 and GT24 turbines in 1997.

We supply liner segments, inner covering segments and cone plates, which are an important part of the exhaust diffuser, as well as HP seal blades made of Hastelloy X reliably and in the highest quality.

Spare parts, tools and accessories for GT26 / GT24 gas turbines

Our portfolio includes more than 4,000 different components and special tools for gas and steam turbines.

For example:

  • small parts such as OGV bolts and OGV nuts
  • hot gas parts such as RCA air pipes
  • parts for the burner
  • end shield coolers
  • foundation anchors
  • valves
  • parts for combuster and compressor
  • and much more!

AWB workshop containers for GE gas turbines

For many years, we have also been providing GE’s service department with EM90 workshop containers with precisely matched M90 tool cabinets, made to measure and in well-known AWB quality. Together with our customer’s specialists, we have developed these mobile workshops to fit precisely for use on gas and steam turbine construction sites worldwide.

In addition, our service includes the procurement of the necessary commissioning material (IBN) and consumables.

Older gas and steam turbines need to be maintained

Of course, we do not limit ourselves to GT26 and GT24. We also continue to produce parts for older gas turbines such as GT13 and parts for steam turbines for GE.

If required, we also take care of the repair of individual components (retrofit).

Since we know the high quality requirements and needs of our top customers down to the last detail, we have also been supplying erection tools, customer tools and C-inspection tools as well as other individually manufactured special tools for gas turbines (both single-shaft and multi-shaft gas turbines) in power plant construction for more than two decades.

We are pleased to be able to look back on this success story.

You need similar components, mobile workshops, special tools or our service for your turbines as well? We are at your disposal at any time.

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