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The durability of AWB workshop containers – back for repairs after 18 years of daily use

There is one constant in the world of construction sites and mobile workshops: quality is characterised by durability. This is especially true for the products made by AWB, a company that specialises in mobile workshop containers.

In this blog post, we would like to tell you the amazing story of a workshop container that came back for repair after 18 years of daily use on construction sites all around the world. An impressive testimony to the quality and sustainability of our products.

The container in question is in surprisingly good condition. All the cabinets and drawers still function perfectly, which speaks volumes about the workmanship and material quality AWB is known for. The fact that this container is still in such good condition after almost two decades is proof that quality pays off.

However, it is inevitable that years of use leave their mark, so it is not surprising that the container’s workbench shows signs of wear and tear. But that’s no reason for concern, because at the customer’s request, this workshop container is now undergoing a complete overhaul.

The inspection begins with all tools and fittings being removed from the container and being subjected to a thorough check. Every detail is checked to ensure perfect condition.

After this thorough inspection, the walls and floor of the container are comprehensively cleaned. Special cleaning agents are used to ensure that the container is in immaculate condition again.

The installed electric and air conditioning systems are also carefully checked to ensure that they function perfectly. Safety and comfort of the user is AWB’s top priority. At the customer’s request or if regulations have changed in the meantime, the electrical installation is adapted to the latest revision status.

Once all the checks and cleaning have been completed, it is time for the actual refurbishment. New fixtures are installed according to the customer’s wishes to ensure that the container meets current requirements. The tools are carefully put back in their places so that the container is ready for use again.

Prior to returning the mobile workshop container to the customer, it undergoes a thorough quality check. Every detail is checked again to ensure that the container meets AWB’s high standards. Only when everything is perfect, the container is handed back to the customer.

The overhauled workshop container is now ready for the next 20 years of service under the most adverse conditions. Thanks to the quality and care put into the revision, the container can continue to be used reliably and efficiently on construction sites worldwide.

This example clearly shows that AWB’s mobile workshops are of such high quality that they can perform their service for many years without any problems. But it also shows that AWB even goes beyond this and offers its customers the opportunity to make their workshop containers fit for the next decades as part of an overhaul.

This is an impressive example of sustainability in action. Instead of disposing of old containers and buying new ones, customers can have their existing containers refurbished. This not only protects the environment, but also saves money. AWB thus demonstrates that quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction can go hand in hand.

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the story of this workshop container is an encouraging example of how companies can help to conserve resources while offering first-class products. AWB is committed to the longevity of its products and proves that quality is the best form of sustainability.


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